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Troubleshooting Checkout

Gluten Free Mama updated our shopping cart with Big Commerce, a new shopping cart platform, about a year ago.  


1. I tried logging in as a return customer and it didn't work.  

  Answer:  It is possible that you had an account set up wtih our old shopping cart platform.  If you are unable to login as a return guest, then you need to Reregister as a returning customer on our new platform.  Or you can check out as a guest.  

2. My credit card was denied, and it shouldn't have been. 

  Answer:  Due to security with our Credit Card Processing Company, they require that the "BILLING ADDRESS" match the Billing address on your credit card.  Please make sure that your billing address entered is the same as the one you have on file with your credit card company.   If you still are having trouble, call Gluten Free Mama via the phone and we will process your order via phone.  406.883.6426


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