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Lexie's Story

Lexie, was not an easy baby. From the moment I brought she came home from the hospital Lexie began screaming, and at times was unconsolable. I took Lexie to the doctor several times with little or no answers and often given the diagnosis of colic. . Lexie’s stomach would often blow up like a balloon and she had trouble keeping her food down. Lexie's dad and I often walked the streets holding her upright patting her back to release gas pain/pressure in her stomach. As Lexie grew old enough for solid food her symptoms increased and she began having chronic diarrhea and consistent throwing up, followed by severe rashes on her bottom. As the months went by and she became worse I started to cry uncontrollably. I cried out to God for answers and direction. I noticed her face would break out in almost a sunburn type rash when eating fish crackers. I mentioned it to the Doctor he suspected she was allergic to red dye or even wheat. So we kept the fish crackers away from her. Then the same thing would happen after making homemade cookies. The airborne flour was making her sick. Every night was a battle as Lexie often woke up screaming in pain or sick.

After getting no answers from doctors I began to do my research. I heard about Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance from an ER doctor could causing her symptoms. It made sense so I asked her doctor to test her. Lexie's regular doctor was out so we saw another doctor from the same clinic. He insisted it was just gastritis. I asked him how long does gastritis usually last, and he responded with around a week. I said, “Well it has been 18 months.” I felt as if I was being treated as an over-reactive mother who didn’t know anything. Of course, it might have had something to do with the fact that I could not stop crying. I insisted that they run the test for celiac disease and gluten. The test came back positive for gluten allergy. We went on to have her tested for celiac and thankfully, that came back negative, however, she had been off gluten for 9 months prior to the celiac test so it could have been a false negative. Complications during the celiac scope caused us to decide not to repeat the test.

After no help from medical doctors, I decided to take Lexie to a Naturepath Doctor in Polson, Katie Carter, ND. Katie was a Godsend to my family. She treats the whole patient and the parents too! She immediately put Lexie on a strict gluten free diet and probiotics and different naturepathic remedies to help heal Lexie’s gut. Lexie also was switched to goat milk because after running more tests found that she was allergic to a protein in cows milk as well as a soy allergy.

Within 3 weeks of being on a gluten free diet, we started noticing extreme improvements in Lexie's health. Dr. Katie treated Lexie over several months and together with her treatments, eliminating cow’s milk and following a strict gluten free diet, Lexie began to heal. Lexie is now 10 years old and a healthy, thriving little girl. Lexie is now running Mama's Instagram account as well as offering online baking classes for kids.  

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