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Gluten Free Mama's Cookie Mix (6056)

Gluten Free Mama's Cookie Mix (6056)

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Product Description

Mama's Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Delicious cookies that are fun to make and a breeze to roll out.  Recipes included on back of bag for Sugar Cookies and Snickerdoodles.  Mama's Famous Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies available on our website or pinterest.  They have a delightful texture and are grit free.  No one will know they are gluten free! When you need cookies in a hurry, Mama's Cookie mix makes it easy.  Also great for those who want cookies but don't have a lot of time and easy for kids to make too.  Keep a bag on hand for all those unexpected events where you need to bring a dessert.

Makes about 30 medium cookies.


Allergens:  Contains Almonds  


Gluten Free Mama's Products are certified gluten free!







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