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Gluten Free Mama LOVES hearing from you! If you are gluten free, Celiac, or a friend or family member of a loved one gluten free or Celiac, a grocery store owner/buyer, gluten free support group or a customer then you are one of Mama's Gluten Free Friends!  Gluten Free Mama began creating recipes and products because she was a mom just trying to help her daughter be healthy and wanted to pass on what she learned to other moms and friends. Mama started the business in her backyard preschool building.  We are not a "Big Corporation", but rather a small business started by a mom and committed to help make gluten free living tastier for you. Mama wants to always be personally available whenever possible. Mama's highlight of her day is to hear about your successes baking gluten free with her products and recipes or to see you creating your own gluten free recipes using Mama's Gluten Free Flour Blends and Mixes.  Your successes are our successes!


Share Your Success Stories! Are you having success baking gluten free with Mama's Products? Did you make one of Mama's recipes for your family, work or party and have friends and loved ones be amazed or blessed? Send us your pictures and we will add your creations to our Bakers Board on Pinterest. Email your success stories to Mama! gfmrecipes@gmail.com Subject Line:  Success Story 

***Please see Terms and Conditions for how Mama may share success stories.   


Mama Wants to Connect with You!!! Mama loves connecting with her gluten free friends, whether about recipes, tips, success stories or day to day everyday life.  Connect with Mama on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Mama's Website and Blog: www.glutenfreemama.com 

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: Glutenfreemama1

Google Plus: http://www.google.com/+Glutenfreemama  


Questions or comments for Gluten Free Mama? Do you have questions about Mama's products, how to use Mama's recipes, or how to convert your favorite recipes gluten free?  Email the Mama at gfmrecipes@gmail.com Subject Line: Question for Mama or Comment for Mama


Questions about Orders or Ordering? Contact customer service at info@heartlandgourmet.com or call 402.423.1234 

Subject Line:  Question about my Order


Do you have a recipe you would like converted to Gluten Free? Mama will try to convert the recipe within 6 weeks. If we have already converted a similar recipe similar then we will send you that recipe. Please note that due to Mama's health issues there might be some delays, but she will do her best to convert when she is feeling well.  Email original recipe, special background behind the recipe (if any), original author/creator (if known) and requested date needed by to Mama at gfmrecipes@gmail.com Subject Line: Please convert my recipe

***Please see Terms and Conditons about recipes that Mama converts or creates.


Want to Find Gluten Free Mama Products in Your Store?  Mama has a partial list of the stores where you can find Gluten Free Mama products on the website at http://glutenfreemama.com/locations  We are updating the list on a regular basis but we are behind because of huge increases.  Due to distribution links we don't know all the stores that carry our products.  Let us know if you see us in a store near you.  

If you would like to see Gluten Free Mama products in your favorite store Mama recommends asking your store manager.  You can tell them that we are available through UNFI, the largest Natural Foods Distributor in the US. Stores are more likely to bring in new products when they have personal product requests.  It also helps to say "Gluten Free Mama's Products are the best tasting ever!"  

We can contact your favorite store too! Email us the store name, location and if you know the store managers name that is helpful and we will contact them for you! Email  requests to rachel@glutenfreemama.com Subject Line: Please bring Gluten Free Mama to my store!


Are You a Grocery Buyer? Are you interested in bringing Gluten Free Mama products into your store? We are too! Please email Rachel at susan@heartlandgourmet.com.  Subject Line: Grocery Buyer Request  Email Info: Please list your request, name of grocer or health food store, grocery buyers name and contact information including email address and phone and we will promptly contact you within 1-3 business days. 


All other Questions, Comments, Concerns or Information:  Email customer service info@heartlandgourmet.com Subject Line: Questions, Comments, Concerns

***All emails are very important to us.  We make every effort to answer within 3-7 business days.  Due to the high volume it may take longer, so be sure to send to correct email and put the suggested subject line.

Due to the high volume of calls Gluten Free Mama prefers email communication, however, our customer service staff is available M-F   Office Hours 9-4 CST

Phone: 402.423.1234

Fax: 402-423-4586

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